InfillPDX, LLC is a full-service architecture and construction management firm in Portland, Oregon. Our focus is on creating affordable housing through sustainable infill development, especially the creation and conversion of ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units). We believe ADU’s have a big role to play in providing more affordable housing in Portland, but only if we can keep costs low for the homeowners and landlords who will be doing the building.

We keep costs low in two ways. First, our multi-disciplinary background in architecture, structural engineering, property management, real estate investment and general contracting allows us to see synergies and efficiencies that result in lower-cost, higher-quality designs. We know how to make smart design decisions in the early phases of the project that reap you savings during construction. Second, we leverage our relationships with multiple local contractors to get you competitive bids and the best possible value. We don’t think there’s a lower-cost, higher-quality design model in Portland today.

Lastly, we have experience working with local investors to help with the financing of your project. More than half of our units have used investors to assist the property owner in developing their project. Often there is no money down to the owner, positive cash flow to the owner and investor from day one, and the rent is still able to meet the City of Portland’s Affordable Housing Standards. This benefits you, your investor, and everyone who calls Portland home.

The key to achieving this triple-bottom-line is experience, creativity, and the ability to recognize the unique opportunities of each project. To learn more please continue reading below or click “contact” in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Thanks for visiting.