Socially, Environmentally, and Financially Sustainable Infill Housing

InfillPDX, LLC is a full-service architecture and construction management firm in Portland, Oregon. Our focus is on creating affordable housing through sustainable infill development, especially the creation and conversion of ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units). We believe ADU’s have a big role to play in providing more affordable housing in Portland, but only if we can keep costs low for the homeowners and landlords who will be doing the building.


Our multi-disciplinary background in architecture, structural engineering, property management, real estate investment and general contracting allows us to find efficiencies that result in lower-cost, higher-quality designs.


We leverage our relationships with multiple local contractors to get you competitive bids and the best possible value. We can also work with your contractor, or assemble a custom team for your project.


We have experience working with local investors to help with the financing of your project. More than half of our units have used investors to assist the property owner in developing their project.


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Detached Bedrooms


Basement/Garage Conversions

Below are some of our affordable housing projects as well as projects for private clients. Because we don't think you can divorce the design process from the design product, we share cost breakdowns for all our own affordable housing projects and (whenever possible) our private work. We do this both to promote transparency for contractors and clients interested in ADU's, as well as to demonstrate to landlords that it is possible to build new construction, rent at affordable levels, and still make significant profit.

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Loft ADU

780sf + 200sf loft

Farmhouse Cottage

New ADU for emerging brand

Detached Bedroom

Former 226 SF Garage

ADUs Portland, OR

Case Study 1

Experiment in low-cost ADU construction

ADUs Portland, OR

Carriage House

Tiny House Conversion

Narrow Duplex

Two units on a narrow lot

Garage Conversion

Industrial garage conversion

ADUs Portland, OR

Basement Conversion

Basement Conversion for a Home Business

Nicholas made our dream a reality. He worked with us to design a custom guesthouse that matched the look and feel of our 1898 farmhouse. He was more than an architect – he partnered with us throughout our entire project. He was available whenever we had questions and was willing to teach us rather than just providing an answer. We are thankful for the opportunity to have had him on our project.

- Alana and Evan F. / Client (Detached ADU)

We wanted to build an ADU for some time, but were intimidated by most parts of the process, including permitting, design, building and cost. Nicholas was able to walk us through each of the steps and made it seem manageable. I appreciated that Nicholas spent a lot of time meeting with us, both on site and at our home, to make sure he understood our goals for the ADU. Once plans were designed, the process of refinement was an easy back and forth with Nicholas, he is a respectful listener and wanted to make sure the ADU was done right, meeting both our hopes and needs. In the end, we were able to meet our financial parameters, build a beautiful ADU and rent the unit for a competitive price.

- Jeremy S. / Client (Detached ADU)

Working with Nicholas was a great experience for us. Nicholas is able to plan with a balance of cost and quality in mind, and when asked, he had several alternative options to suggest if we wanted to tip in one direction or the other. We were also impressed with Nicholas’s knowledge and background. It’s rare to find someone who is an expert in urban planning, engineering, city permitting and architecture. This unique combination of skills really enables Nicholas to approach the process from a holistic perspective. He was able to see possibilities and to avoid potential problems, always steering is on the right direction. We would absolutely work with Nicholas again, and highly recommend that you chose to work with him as well!

- Maya S. / Client (Detached ADU)

From day one, Nicholas was a joy to work with.  He never made me feel “less than” because of our limited budget.  He facilitated a smooth petition process through contacts and experience.  And he explained everything along the way.  To Nicholas, individual projects, no matter size or budget, are integral to creating a healthy and sustainable community.  In this way, we were in partnership with him on something bigger.  Indeed, our project was listed on a city tour shortly after it was completed.  We are very happy with the process and the outcome.

- Meghan M. / Client (Detached Bedroom)

Nicholas brings thoughtful design ideas to projects that are well grounded in sound technical solutions. He assisted in addressing the seismic design requirements to our residential project while maintaining the original design intent.

- Doug S. / Client (Residence)

Nicholas is a true professional. I have worked with a lot of contractors, but Nicholas is the most knowledgeable, creative, and efficient of them all. His background in so many related fields is unparalleled and very helpful. I fully trust Nicholas to be transparent and upfront, allowing us as homeowners to make decisions based upon the best information possible.

- Natalie S. / Client (Detached ADU), Realtor

Nicholas is open minded and willing to tackle any challenge with a sense of wonder and curiosity. If something is challenging, he will come with a number of approaches. I appreciate his ability to communicate a technical subject in a down-to-earth, digestible manner.

- Gretchen L. / Client (Detached ADU)

I worked with Nicholas on an ADU at my 110 year old Portland house. He went above and beyond. He was professional, courteous, and wasn’t in the business of trying to sell me on things I didn’t need. I highly recommend him.

- Dave H. / Client (Attached ADU)

I have financed 3 of Nick’s projects. Nick is the perfect partner – A Design/Build General Contractor and Landlord, who believes as I do that affordable, secure housing is a human right. Nick and I drafted our financing agreement together, without lawyers. Nick pays on time so I can count on good cash flow to finance new projects.

- Diane F. / Investor (Rooted Investing)

Nick has that rare ability to understand what you are hoping to do with a space and not only capture that in his designs, but capture it in a practical, sustainable, yet beautiful way. Where some other architects find obstacles in meeting code or designing sustainably, Nick manages to finds inspiration.

- Robert B. / Client (Basement Conversion)

Nicholas has been a pleasure to work with. He has designed a great stand-alone garage / ADU addition for us that matches our existing home perfectly. Nicholas is very creative and a joy to work with from design thru permitting.

- Matthew C. / Client (Detached ADU)