October 23, 2017


high rents
affordable housing
aging in place
neighborhood character
sustainable development
local investment

… as Portland continues to grow, we all struggle with development pressures that impact the fabric and character of our community. We believe that ADU’s offer powerful solutions to these challenges, especially in some of our denser residential neighborhoods. A well-designed ADU provides opportunities for aging in place, creates affordable housing opportunities, and promotes greater diversity and more housing choices. Some homeowners choose to downsize their lifestlye and move into their ADU while renting their home, using the rental income to allow them to keep a property that might otherwise be hard to afford.

In many neighborhoods, insensitive redevelopment is having an adverse impact on the quality of the streetscape. Developers tear down a perfectly good old home to build something larger, or partition the lot to add density. ADU’s are a better way to add that density, preserve the primary home along the street, and avoid sending a perfectly good house to the landfill. An ADU can be an excellent way to add square footage to your home while you need it (for kids, or a home business), and convert it to a rental or in-law unit as your family’s needs change. For all these reasons, an ADU can be a good strategy to extend the life of your home and your time in it. As a landlord, building an ADU on your rental property is a very profitable way to expand your portfolio without a significant increase in overhead, tax exposure, or service utility costs.

We specialize in the design of affordable ADU’s.  Our multi-disciplinary background in architecture, structural engineering, property management, real estate investment and general contracting allows us to find synergies and efficiencies that result in lower-cost, higher-quality designs. We know how to make smart design decisions in the early phases of the project that reap you savings during construction. We leverage our relationships with multiple local contractors to get you competitive bids and the best possible value.  And because we bid out the construction phase of your project you are not married to us in the same way as with most design-build firms; we give you input on the best delivery method for your project and it’s up to you to keep us involved as your general contractor, construction manager, or not at all.  You have total flexibility to optimize the process to meet your needs.  We don’t think there’s a lower-cost, higher-quality delivery model in Portland today.

There are a lot of good firms in town building ADU’s, and we applaud their work. Addressing all the issues we face will take a village!  Sometimes it is a little hard to tell us all apart, and we distinguish ourselves by:

  • our commitment to full cost transparency
  • our ability to finance part or all of your project in conjunction with our network of local investors
  • our diverse background and experience means your project gets scrutinized from every possible angle to arrive at the best solution for your needs. We are able to find trans-disciplinary solutions that save you money and get you a higher level of design and quality.
  • we like to think we have the greatest design at the lowest cost, but everyone says that. Ask us to have a look at your project and make up your mind for yourself!